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Insight to my Soul1Welcome to our Online Business.  Thank you for choosing me to be your business partner.

Now that you have activated your account, it’s now time to start working your business.  You may be excited to start as I have.  But hold it for a minute  —  we need to set up some plans how to make our business grow.  This is also high time to learn the business by viewing the different articles available at the the PPM web site and how to use the different web tools.

To start the learning process, click on the Products & Services.

Products and Services (E)

Be sure to  also download the various ebooks that you can surely use in your networking business.

So what can you do with your business:

  1. You can do Data Encoding — this is one way to build funds especially if you don’t have additional funds yet for your e-loading business.
  2. E-loading business
  3. Networking or referral through advertising.

Like any offline business, an advertising or two will help create traffic to your store.  So with PlanProMatrix — you have to advertise that you are now into the online business.  By the way, I have added your referral code to my list.  This way, if you use my blogs to promote the business, you can refer your friends to the referral’s list where they can click your name.

Just make sure that when you click your name it is your name that appears on the referral screen.  This is my way of helping you out with your networking.

Referral screen (E)

I also added you to CIL eBiz, our FB group where I will be constantly posting tips, guides and write-ups which you can use in developing the business.

Good luck, God bless!

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