Qualify your Invites.

Insight to my Soul1“MLM is not just merely acquiring the numbers, but it’s the duplication of numbers.”

A month ago, I spent many late nights reading, learning, watching videos and comparing various MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) online businesses.  While the traditional MLM is not new to me, the online type is.

After some nights of discernment, I started with PlanProMatrix.  I was so excited that I put my strength in written words to use and shifted my blog to the Usapang Business posts.

Pero kahit exited na ako to go all out, I still did my “soft launch” in my own closed group  CFC Cavite-2C2 with my first online business post — Usapang pera muna tayo.  Eto kasi ‘yong mga taong gusto kong tulungang magkaroon ng financial prosperity.

But then a week passed and all I got for my efforts were 3 likes.  Sabi nga “no prophet is accepted in his own native place.” Lk 4:24 (NABRE)

When I posted my second post, this time on my timeline — WOW! I got 15 inquiries and 3 registrations.  Remember this?

1st day post

Of the 3 registrations, 1 activated.  After various posts and ads, a couple of weeks later almost every day I received text updates of registrations under my name and it even reached to 12 regs.


The 12 regs went up to 17 — 2 activated with one still in the process of activating.  I was ecstatic, if only the remaining 14 will push through with activation?  So I continue to study the business.

In one article I read — in fact it was one of the e-Books I downloaded from the PPM web site, I was surprized that the actual performance is only about 6-7%.  In short from the almost 20 that registered under my name, those that activated under me already comprised 20% of those who registered — kung tutuusin over-quota pa pala ako :).

Another item that grab my attention on that e-book is about “Qualifying of members” in our case I would say “invites”.

Network Marketing or MLM is not about quantity but quality.  The numbers are useless if they are not active.  In MLM, the tenet  is:

Study Learn Teach
In short, we have to choose our business partners properly — those who also go by the same principles of SLTD.  Of course, we can not choose who registers under us but at least we can be guided on how to go about qualifying our invites.

I categorize them under the following:

  1. the NETWORKER/OPTIMIST — they are the best invites you can have in your group.  They know about the business or exert efforts to learn and master the networking business.  They are also passionate and can easily duplicate or even surpass you.
  2. the UNFUNDED — they are interested to invest but are still short of funds.  I actually started here as I also saved my allowances to have the funds to activate.

    Just be wary that as they have invested their hard-earned money, they may end up a grumbler if they don’t see ROI for quite a while.  If they work their business and try to learn the business, they are the people that will need your supportBe available to assist them.

  3. the FREE-LOADERS — these are those who will want to join you if you fund them.  They may or may not work the business as they have “nothing to lose” (except perhaps the opportunity to earn).

    Experience tells us that these  kind seldom prosper.  They lack the passion and commitment — our investment is foremost the sign of our intent that we will work the business.

    If you really want to help them prosper, don’t fund them.  Let them have their sense of responsibility, unless you know personally the person and he is really in need of help.


  4. the PROCRASTINATORS — they are those who may have registered but still have second thoughts in activating, perhaps still waiting for additional proof that the income is real.

    DON’T WAIT FOR THEM,  chances are if they doubt you now, they will continue to doubt you and the business and most probably their negativity will not only affect you but your potential invites as well.

  5. the GRUMBLERS — these are those who registered and activated but grumbles every opportunity they get.  The are also the impatient ones who can’t wait for their business to grow; they are mostly those who are into “get-rich-quick” schemes.  They will not be able to help you grow your network.
  6. the worst kind are the PIRATES — they are those who only join your group to gain access to your friends’ base or to “counter-inviteyou to their own affiliate business.
  7. with them are the “JYFJM” (I will Join You, if you Join Me).  If this is the condition they will give you for joining you, shun away from them for the same reasons mentioned above.
  8. I almost forgot, the “WOW MALI” — those who thought that the business is FREE.  Nang makapag-register, nalaman na kailangan palang mag-activate to start the business.  Ang registration lang po ang FREE, pero me cost ang activation.

    PlanProMatrix is serious business and this is OUR business.  Freebies are good and much appreciated, but in real business sense the capital investment is the first component.  Malaki man o maliit, kailangan ang kapital para makapag-negosyo.

Even I haven’t qualified my invites yet.  These guides are much mine as yours.  But by qualifying, you can allocate your efforts and resources to those that really matter.

Just continue learning the business — read blogs and networking articles, watch training videos.  I have compiled some here, at least those that helped me learn the business,   Continue to invite others and teaching them to duplicate what you do.  As we continue to grow our business, let us be reminded of the late Zig Ziglar’s words:


Together let’s help each other, and together we will reach our financial freedom.  God bless.

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