Data Encoding

Excited ka na bang mag-encode?Insight to my Soul1

Data encoding is the first way of earning in PlanProMatrix.  We are paid for encoding CAPTCHAs.  Below are the rates for data encoding, and the best time to encode to maximize your output is between 11PM  4AM.

Captcha rates

However, before you get started please make sure that your computer meets the system requirements which you can view in your PPM account by accessing Products & Services > Data Entry > Overview.

Data Entry overview (E)

Data Entry reminder

Please note further that the Data Entry System is not owned by PPM. So you need to link your PPM account with the Data Entry System.

You can do this by accessing your PPM account, then the Products & Services > Data Entry > Profile.

Data Entry Account Link setup

You may also view the following video to familiarize yourself with the DO’s and DONT’s of Data Encoding.

When you received the text message that your Data Entry application is approved you are now ready to work your Encoding business.  Open the Data Encoding software that you have downloaded and log-in using your PPM account name and password.

Happy encoding and let’s start building the business together.  God bless!

t3 sign

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