Activating your Account

Insight to my Soul1Thank you for registering under my team.  If you check on this list, you will see that I have already included your name.  It is my simple way of starting you up in your networking / referral. Even if you share my post, your friends to whom you are sharing my posts will have a way of registering under your name by using the list.

There is also a REFERRAL LINK — IN FOCUS at the top. 
From time to time I will change the code to those who are struggling yet with their networking/referral.  Who knows your referral link will be next.

However, while your name is already listed your friends will not be able to register under your name if you have not activated your account.  As you have already registered, I know you are committed to do the business.  So, the next step for you to achieve your Financial Freedom is activating your account.


You may view this video if you are more comfortable with it. 

Otherwise, I have outlined here the steps in Activating your account.

  1. The first step is to send your activation fee (P600) for Starter account or (P1,800) for Premium Accout.  If funds is still in question, you can just start with P600 then when funds become available upgrade it to Premium by adding P1,200 for the Upgrade Activation Code.You may send your activation fee through bank deposit or remittance centers.  For updated list, you can access it on your PPM dashboard on E-Wallet>Mode of Payments.  For your convenience, I have screenshot the list:



2. After sending out your payment, you need to picture/scan your payment receipt and attach it on the Payment validation module.

Payment Verification

After sending the payment verification form, wait for 1-2 days for your activation code.

There’s an easier alternative though.  To help you out without the waiting time, you can send your activation fee to my account:

 My Accounts

Just text/PM me if your have sent payments through my account and how much.  When I received your payments, I will PM you your activation codes.

Once you have received the codes, it’s now time to activate your account.


Upon opening your PPM account, the activation form is opened.  Enter your Activation code, then you are good to go in your OWN online business.  You can start inviting using your referral link.

Referral Link (E)


If you opted for the Premium account, you will be given two Activation codes:  Starter code and Upgrade code.  After activating your Starter account, you need to upgrade your account to Premium by encoding your Upgrade activation code.  You can access the Activation form by clicking this URL:

Activation form (upgade) edited

Upon upgrading your account to Premium, you will be automatically entered into the Table of Exit matrix.

Thank you once again for joining our team.  Good luck on your activation and together we journey towards our Financial Freedom.  God bless!

t3 sign

Charity is Love Team

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