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Growing in the Spirit – the lesson of the 4-spoke wheel

CLP Talk 10 — a mountain to conquer, a training ground, a baptism of fire for a CLP team head? When I  was the Team head of the Christian Life Program (a pre-requisite program for all Couples for Christ member), … Continue reading

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the Gifts of the Holy Spirit — personal or charismatic.

In my early childhood when we had our regular Sunday school we were taught about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit that we received in baptism.  Even when I myself became a catechist, they were the same gifts that … Continue reading

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The gift of music – it’s not about the voice nor the talent, it’s about commitment.

Music is not new to me. In my younger years, I was a member of the youth choir. When I entered the seminary to respond to the call, music had been part of our daily lives.  There was no audition … Continue reading

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are you a “View&Click” or a “Read&Comment” person?

encouragement to take on the habit of reading Continue reading

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Pilgrimage – a way to deepening the faith

The CFC (Paliparan, Cavite) Music Ministry – as we serve God through the Couples for Christ community and through music, leading our brethren to worship and even the people of God in the mass, we also try to really commune with God, to deepen and really live our faith. The pilgrimage is just one of the various ways we do to enrich our spiritual lives, and it is also a way to bond with our brethren’s families. Continue reading

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from Behind my Lens

Looking back at my old photo albums from our quasi-days at Casiciaco, (our “day-off” from the regular seminary activities)  I was only contented to have my face plastered on the walls by our brother-photographer Joey. It was a time of … Continue reading

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Who is Manubo?

Manubo is my contemporary philosopher.  Perhaps not in the class of the world but definitely in mine, he is a true-blooded philosopher. Having studied Classical Philosophy vis-a-viz Modern Philosophies during my cloistered life, it has opened my horizon to the … Continue reading

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