Insight to my soul

img_0871.jpgI was one of those who were called but not chosen, and I thought it was the end of that

call.  But only of late that I realized the Lord called me for another vocation – that of shepherding not His individual flock, but building His church in homes — in families.

I have been given this gift to share with my brethren in the community.  But am I limited to this community when I can share it with the rest of the world?

So I have started this blog as venue for my thoughts for people who share my passion for service; for people like St. Augustine who are restless until they find rest in God; and those who are burdened that they may find solace in God’s embrace.

As the Lord has blessed me, so I’m sharing my “T’s”.  Read on and if you want to share your thoughts, or you feel that you are moved by the Spirit, write on.  I will love to literally “read your thoughts”.

May you be blessed and be a blessing to others.

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