Teaching… an honorable vocation; Teachers are MLM natural

Insight to my Soul1I’ve known of a lot of teachers who bring their school works at home — spending their late nights preparing their lesson plans, checking papers or computing grades.  Others, even provide food, school materials  for their students out of their meager income.  I think this is just my view of a “Great” teacher’s profile.

It is for these reasons that some, I included actually consider teaching not only as an honorable profession but as a vocation.

I’ve also known of a lot of teachers who are trying to make ends meet — putting even their clothing allowance, their 13-month pay or even their bonuses as collateral to loan sharks.  Some are doing whatever “business” that comes their way.   Most are familiar and even doing these small-time business.  In a way, they always try to develop their Active Income stream, but they may not be aware or don’t know how to develop their Passive Income stream.  I have actually written a post on these two income streams.

Yet, if you look closely at the inherent traits of good and great teachers, they are actually a natural to developing their Passive income stream through MLM if only they know how.

The tenet of Multi-Level Marketing is

Study Learn Teach

Dito magaling ang mga teachers.  Some are so good at this that they have molded their proteges to even surpassed them.  Yet at the end, their only consolation is the respect of their students who have become successful in their chosen careers.  Of course, there are exceptions — those who retired after their teaching stints at big universities.  But for most teachers, they usually start with nothing and also end up with almost nothing.

Marami din sa mga teachers are also full-time moms at home.  Kaya sa dami ng kanilang inaasikaso, me opportunity pa ba para mag-negosyo?

In the traditional sense of business, maybe no.  But in MLM, that’s a big YES — ito ang beauty ng online model ng Multi-Level Marketing.  Kayang i-implement kahit na marami kang alalahanin.  Kagaya ng PlanProMatrix Table of Exit, parang pagtatanim lang na sa umpisa lang ang maraming trabaho, konting maintenance afterwards, then you wait for the time of harvest.  You can even forget about the business while doing what you used to do.  Of course, kung mag-i-invest ka rin lang dito, I’m sure hindi mo gagawing kalimutan ito but you would like to develop the business yourself.

It comes easy to teachers to study, learn, teach and then duplicate the process — this is what they do.

So if you are this kind of teacher that takes on every opportunity to earn just to make ends meet; or if you are that kind that has almost no time to spare, then you fit to a “T” in this MLM online business.


Simple lang.  Register ka under an active PPM member.  Puedi kang mamili from this referral’s list kung sino kakilala mo.  When you have done so, activate mo account mo — this is the planting stage.

Now that you have registered and activated, puedi mo nang alagaan ang personal online business mo by advertising your business in your timeline, in your social media groups, even in fan pages.  We can help you sa stage na ito — maintenance and nurturing.

Then finally, we wait for the harvest.  Depending on our team effort, this may be in a month’s time to a year — but definitely, this time next year you will be grateful that you’ve started TODAY.

Kung meron ka pa ring mga katanungan, puedi mong tingnan and PPM Q&A or you can drop me a message in my FB account.

Thank you for sparing some time in reading this post.   I’m looking forward to join you when we start the harvest.  God bless!

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