Active or Passive … what would you like?

Insight to my Soul1I have first written on Active and Passive income in my first post on online business.

Active income is derived from our personal efforts — the wage we received after the end of a payroll period; the net proceeds we get from doing our personal “business” like our small sari-sari store, or the net income by a street vendor.  It is directly proportional to our efforts or even less, depending on the person giving the wages.  When you stopped working, the income also stops.  When you’re sick, you don’t earn.  This is the income that we are used to.  But can we give that guarantee to give our 100%?  According to study, the most that we can give of ourselves is 60-70%.  More and we may end up a statistics entry like this one.

On the other hand, the Passive income is what we receive from the efforts of others.  This is the essence of John Rockefeller‘s words:

Effort - John Rockfeller (E)

In business sense, this is the ideal as your investment works for you even if you are sleeping, doing other things — the things you love, or even while enjoying quality time with your family.

Bo Sanchez — the millionaire missionary, the force behind TrulyRichClub, maintains that in order to attain Financial Freedom, we must maintain 2-3 passive income streams.

In PlanProMatrix, you can have both income streams.

To start with, in PPM we have the Data Encoding and E-loading.   These are active income streams as the income depends on the effort we exert.  For those who are already into Data Encoding, the Data Encoding S/W of PPM may not be the best.  However, PPM is not only about Data Encoding and E-loading.  They are there only as starting income stream while we develop our networkthe real source of our Passive Income.

In fact, we will never achieve our dream for financial freedom with Data Encoding & E-loading only.  Hence, the need for referral or networking.

With the network you built and continues to build and e-loading, another income stream is opened — e-Rebates.  Even with this alone, we can already attain our Financial Freedom.  But PPM gives us more.  We also have another income stream in 2×1 Follow me matrix, and another from the Table of Exit.

With these 3 Income streams, the financial freedom that we only dreamed of can be made possible — and these are unlimited.  Of course, initially we need to lay down the foundation of our network and continue to cultivate it.  You are not even asked for your full time or attention but just enough that your presence is always felt by the people in your network, and those you continue to invite.

Now, if you are contented with what you have — the income from your Active stream, then perhaps this business is not for you.

But if you are looking forward and you still have children that are not yet in college, then maybe this is the time to start building your Internet business. In two to three years, in time for your child’s college education your network is big enough to cover the expensive costs of education.  It may even be possible that your child may already be earning that they will no longer ask for allowance from you, i.e. of course, if you start them here while they are still students.

Di ka pa rin convinced?  Check out mo previous posts ko.  Otherwise mag-register ka na.  Registration is FREE, mamili ka lang sa mga kakilala mong nakalista dito.  Kahit sino dito sa team ko ang pipiliin mo, you will be guaranteed of our support.  However, to start building your income stream, you have to activate your account for as low as P600.  Asan, ka pa nyan, P600 na puhunan, me sariling negosyo ka na — the seed that you need to plant in order to harvest your Financial Freedom.   But if you want the full potential of the business then go for the Premium account of P1,800.

Of course, you can always start with P600 then just upgrade your account when it suits you for the additional P1,200 upgrade activation code.

Again, what would you like, the daily security of an Active Income stream only or the financial freedom that the Passive Income stream(s) can give you?

You decide.  May your decision be guided by your dream.  God bless!

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