An old verse … a new application.

Before I’ve embarked on my online business, i.e. PlanProMatrix, I viewed a lot of webinars on online marketing.  Many of these webinars tackled the power of FB ads and postings.  One thing though that I noticed, they always recommend postings outside of your timeline and closed groups where only your friends can view your posts.

At first, I can’t figure it out until the psychology behind this Bible verse was discussed.  This was written a long time ago, and yet it still stands true.

Bible verse (Lk 4.24)

In my naivete, I want to prove them wrong by making a simple experiment.

I made my first post advertising the business in my own closed group and give it a week before posting it to my timeline.  It was with the hope that these are the people I want to help by introducing to them first the business opportunity.  But ‘lo, I only got a couple of likes with no inquiries.

The week passed and I posted the blog on my timeline and in a day I’ve already got 15 inquiries and 3 registrations.

I was proved wrong in my assumptions and disappointed but glad that indeed the system discussed in the webinar works.

Another point that was discussed was making another account for the business.  In my old account, I have almost a thousand friends — most are known to me, a lot from the CFC community and its family ministries, while others are known to my friends.  In my first account, I choose those whom to accept.  In my second account however, I accept all friend requests that come out.

Again, another surprise — my first invites were people not known to me personally and they are from Central Luzon to as far down as Zamboanga and most from my second FB account.

In short, when you start advertising your online business, don’t focus on your friends and relatives only.  Even considering that these are people who will not have second thoughts trusting you with their hard-earned money, but it’s quite different when you are talking about online business opportunities — they may think twice before joining you.

Perhaps, they know you too well and they know your current status that is stopping them from investing with you or they have not yet fully imbibed the importance of “passive income” opportunities; or it maybe that being your friends IRL (in real life), they don’t actively follow you on FB or they tend to overlook your posts and haven’t seen your posts yet.  At least in my case, it is true.  As of this writing, a friend (IRL) has already registered.

When your friends see your passive income coming in, they will come and join you in your business  — most have already proven it as fact.

Another point that was encouraged within the first few weeks upon opening your online business is developing your TLS (Traffic, Leads, and Share).

TRAFFIC — you have to create traffic to your blog or posts.  That was the same problem I had encountered during the first week of my postings — lack of traffic.  Even in offline businesses traffic is very important.

LEADS — follow-up on your leads.  I see to it that my first activity of the day is responding to inquiries and every time I am online and thru text/call when I’m offline.  Follow-up on those who liked or reacted positively to your posts.  A simple message like:  “Kumusta na?  Thank you for liking my posts.  Interested ka?”  If they are, then follow it up.  If not, then move on to the next.

SHARE — always share positively, even the simple things that happen to your business.  It is by sharing that others will know of your business.  Like any offline businesses, you have to make your presence known and at every opportunity, share your business.

Kung wala ka pang ma-i-share na proofs, share those of others who have already proven that this business earns.  There are lots of testimonies here and we are allowed to copy even those who are not of our team, because this business is about sharing of information, tips and even posts.

And finally, it is important that you select your partners well — ‘yong tipong di ka i-abandon; those who always respond to your inquiries, kahit sa kakulitan mo and always share tips with you.

Here are some tips I have gathered for you.  Some can be done easily, others takes a little time.  Just take your time.  This is your business and if you can’t give it your full time yet, at the very least sharing about it in your timeline, you can easily do.


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Again registering and activating is the first step to your online business.  It’s like having your own trade name.  If you haven’t registered yet, mag-register ka na.  You can also check for your friend’s name from my team’s list.  Registering from any of these names, you will be guaranteed of my continued support.

Good luck as you start building your dream of achieving financial freedom.

May you be blessed!



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