PlanProMatrix … what it isn’t.

Insight to my Soul1We are so used to the negatives.  Every day, from morning to late night we are bombarded with negative news.  Journalists I suppose work by this code:Its not News


Even at the start, the Holy Bible in Gen 3:3 (NABRE) tells it in the negative:

it is only about the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden that God said, ‘You shall not eat it or even touch it, or else you will die.’

I don’t know what Psychology has to say but it seems, when we see “DON’T”, the more we go and see.  Hence, this article will deal with the negatives of PlanProMatrix.

PlanProMatrix is NOT a SCAM.

PPM is supported with all the necessary permits to operate under the Philippine laws.

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It had even garnered various awards and recognition for its best business practices.  Even our very own upline Sheila Cagas-Jamin has been awarded as one of the top earners.

Patunay lang na sa dami ng mga online businesses sa Pilipinas ang PPM ang pinagkatiwalaan.

PlanProMatrix is NOT a ‘GET-RICH-QUICK’ scheme.

Baka akala mo, once you activate your account, you will reap your millions in so short a time.  Even good networkers and top-earners work their business for 6 months to a year before they start realizing their dreams.

While the income stream is a proven fact in PPM, the first few months will be a phase of development.  Like any offline business you have to work for your business.  You don’t lay down your capital and just leave it to chance that your investment will earn.

But unlike offline businesses where the capital is high and the possible ROI or Return of Investment is pegged at 3-4 years, in PPM the startup capital is small hence ROI is guaranteed within a month’s time.  However, business profits will be realized in 3 months to one year.

PlanProMatrix is NOT for the PESSIMIST.

Kung masyado ka ‘nega’, ang PPM ay hindi para sa ‘yo.  I don’t think that a person of the right mind will invest in something that he does not believe in.  You have to trust the soundness of the business.  It is precisely the reason, that you have to validate that the business is legal and promising.

PPM simple steps to develop

Even if you don’t know how to develop the business if you have the right business sense, and you have the desire to learn there are a lot of PPMers who can and will help you develop the business.  If you know how to CPS (Copy, Paste, Share) then you can develop the business.  Just like this sample post.

You can also refer your invites to your upline for better business presentation or just send your invites links of the various posts and “how-to” videos that are made available for you to use.

PlanProMatrix is NOT for the GREEDY.

Sa offline trade any business of the same category is considered a competition.   Kaya sa mga food businesses hindi na bago sa atin ang makarinig ng “secret ingredient”.  You need to have an “Ace” under your sleeve to have the upper hand.

Pero sa PPM, we share ideas, give out tips to develop the business even to those who are outside our team.  This is the beauty of Multi-Level Marketing — you earn by helping others earn.  One reason why I name my FB group, CIL ebiz for “Charity is Love” — a term I adapted from the 2015 theme of CFC-Cavite where Charity is not a dole-out, the giving away of excess but LOVE — giving a part of one self to another.  It is a business that is built on love, a business that is founded on trust.

Kaya importante na piliin mo ang mga taong pinagkakatiwalaan mo as your business partners.  In my group I have prepared a referral’s list where you can select the person you are most comfortable working with.  Of course, being part of one team, the support is guaranteed to all our partners.

PlanProMatrix is NOT for the IMPATIENT.

As stated above, PPM is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme.  If you are not getting invites during your first weeks or months, don’t despair.  Perhaps, some fine-tuning is needed to grow your networking business.  Like a diamond that is formed out of coal by “pressure and patience”, so our business will shine with patience and the proper PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens).

Combining hard work, targeted advertising, unceasing prayer, surely we are on our way to Financial Freedom.

Hopefully, with these negatives, our invites will all be converted to positives.  For those who still doubt or questions, you may look at the Questions & Answers.  I will try to update them from time to time as I receive other questions not previously covered.

God bless our business venture! 

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