Usapang pera muna tayo

Moreover, God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need, you may have an abundance for every good work.
(see footnote on 2 Cor 9: 8 NABRE)

Insight to my Soul1Sa community natin, madalas na tayo ay nakatanggap ng text na: “bro, pasama sa prayers si sis [so and so], dinala sya sa ospital, na-dengue o for other reason.

Yes, we were given the gift of prayer, so we pray.  Pero panalangin nga lang ba ang kailangan ng ating mga kapatid? Alam natin na sa bawat pagtakbo sa ospital, pera ang kailangan.  But how can we help if we only have enough, or worse not even enough for our needs.

Truly the Lord does not need our treasures, but His work does – our work for the poor in CFC does.  We’re supporting ANCOP CSP and CORNERSTONE.  Kailan lang, sama-sama tayong naglakad sa ANCOP Global Walk para sa ating mga scholars.  Ang Cornerstone tutorial program alone will run the whole Academic Year: 2017-2018, at buwan-buwan me slot tayo to sponsor the food for the session.  Hindi lamang ang Time at Talent natin ang kailangan, our Treasure is also needed.  Kaya as your pastoral head, napaisip ako “ano ba ang puedi kong magawa?”

I remember in one MC teaching we had with our former Provincial Area Head, bro Raffy Blasco, he said that in order for us to be free from the bondage of debt we have to SIT – Save, Invest and Tithe.

To save, we have to break away from the norm of “living within our means” to “living BELOW our means” so we can save and from such savings, we will have something to invest.

Basically there are two ways to earn – Active and Passive

Active Income is the income we gain by working for others or even for our own business.  The key word is personal effort or work.  Kung di ka gagawa, di ka magtrabaho, o kung ikaw ay magkasakit wala kang income.   Ganun din sa ating pagtanda, when our body fails wala na tayong income, because our income is dependent upon our efforts.

Sa isang banda, ang Passive Income ay nakukuha natin sa efforts ng iba, o yong tinatawag na investments – whether we invest in Trust or Mutual Funds, stock market or franchising our business.  Pero paano tayo makapagsimula kung wala tayong malaking pansimulang capital?  Kung interesado ka, then read on …


One way to start “Passive Income generating Business” with a small startup fund I know of is Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).  Hindi na ito bago, at hindi na rin ito bago sa akin as I had been in one before.

Ano nga ba ang MLM?

I don’t know if you’re familiar with them — Cosway, AmWay, Forever Living, First Quadrant, etc and even until now marami pa rin na ang gamit na platform ay MLM.  Siguro mas familiar lang tayo sa term na Direct-Selling.  Karamihan sa mga ganito ay mga Health and Wellness products o mga consumables dahil sa RETURN SALES na siyang bumubuhay sa negosyo.  Marahil marami sa ating mga kapatid ang involved na sa DXN, Barley, Herbalife, Usana, atbp.

So, what is the MLM or Network Marketing concept?   The real essence of MLM is “helping others to earn, in order for you to earn.”   Para ka kumita, kailangan mong tulungan ang mga members mong kumita.  Maganda ang concept ng MLM.  It’s people help people.  It takes out the unnecessary middle man – tinatanggal ang Advertisers, ang mga wholesalers.  Advertising is done by “word-of-mouth” or testimonies

Pero merong offshoot na di maganda ang MLM – the PYRAMID.  Some may contest its legality or illegality, kaya in some instances we have to qualify — ang “Illegal Pyramid”.  While it may look like a MLM, this platform is solely based on recruitment – you earn from the people you recruit.  But when the market is fully saturated and recruitment stops, the business collapses — kawawa ‘yong sa dulo, sabihin nating “na-SCAM”.   And there are lots of these businesses na ang rason ay para lang mang-gantso.  Kaya nagiging maingat o minsan negative ang dating ng MLM sa tao.  Malamang ikaw din nag-iisip na SCAM ito.

Kaya the more na kailangan nating piliin ang mga makakasama natin sa business group–yong tipong pinagkakatiwalaan mo na di ka iiwan.

Isang bagay na kailangang tandaan sa MLM.  While mas malaki ang kita pag malaki ang iyong network, kahit na di ka mag-recruit, you MUST have an opportunity to earn either by rebates on your purchases or usage of the service, or by selling the products or services.  Dapat merong other features other than recruitment.

Sa isang banda, sa traditional MLM kailangan ang iyong effort especially during the start-up, and later on in further developing your network.  Although sabi ko nga kanina, small ang startup but in truth, kailangan mo rin ng additional funds for operational costs.  And even some of these MLM businesses have quite a high startup capital.  I had to travel before para lang sa recruitment at training ng mga members.  Para sa ating me mga full-time day job, hindi sya ganun ka-feasible.  And, I tell you, hangga’t di ka pa kumikita ng tuloy-tuloy for at least 3-6 months, ‘wag mo munang bitiwan ang pinagkukunan mo ng iyong Active Income.   If you are already into this, ang puedi mong kunin na schedule para sa ganitong mga lakad ay ang weekends.  Pero teka muna, madalas ang ating gawain sa community ay sa weekends.  At the end, you have to sacrifice your household or whatever activity you have intended for the Lord’s service para lang sa out-of-town recruiting/training trips mo.  Is this what the Lord wants of us?

Kahit ako, nahinto sa MLM (offline o yong traditional MLM) bago makapag-fully take off because of the logistical and financial difficulties. 

So ano na ngayon?  What do we do to start fulfilling the Lord’s plan for our way to wealth?

This is what occupied my nights with the Lord – discerning His will, and asking His guidance on this venture.  Now I’m laying the plans and I want to share it with you first being members of the flock the Lord has given me.  I’m giving it a week before posting the invitation on my wall for my other FB friends and groups.   That way, you will be ahead when this takes off.  Interested kang simulan ang online business mo? Click this link.

But if you think this is not for you, then thank you for spending some time to read, you may want to come back to it later so feel free to visit my blog.   It has given me much joy to share with you my thoughts.  I hope it has given you the same joy reading.

God bless!

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