Plug the Pluggle

To Pluggle or not to Pluggle?

Last August, there was some hype on Pluggle in social media, an internet networking business.

At first glance, ang ganda ng compensation package — they claimed you will be paid P100 daily by just logging-in for 12 days.  Pag-register mo pa lang, me P100 ka kaagad.   So I registered and I earned my first P100.  However, to qualify for the P100 on your daily log-in, kailangang i-activate ang account.  The activation fee is P1,000.  Kung tutuusin, madaling mabawi ang activation fee.  At the end of 12 days, kikita ka pa ng P300 — P100 upon registration, then P1,200 for 12 days.  And you will continue to earn every time your referrals activate their account.  Kung walang nag-activate sa mga referrals mo, at least kumita na ang 1K mo.  So I thought.

Pero merong catch — di pueding mag-cash out unless me 2 kang direct referrals na nag-activate.  In short, it’s just paper money — it’s your money but you can’t use it.

If you refer back to my post on MLM, parang illegal Pyramid ang Pluggle, kasi the only way to earn and cash-out your earnings is through referrals and recruitment.  I asked one of the “pluggers” kung ano ang ibinebentang product o service ng Pluggle, ang sagot nya —

sa PLuggle walang products yan kasi makukuha mo sa pag login mo...

I’m not saying that it is illegal, but in my judgment, I cannot refer something that will put my members at a losing end.  Besides, I prayed for discernment at kung tama ang direksyong tinatahak ko, di magkakaroon ng problema.

After registering with Pluggle, I posted an invitation on Facebook.  Upon learning that I have to activate to earn the P100 daily log-in bonus, I tried activating my account. 

The first attempt kong mag-activate, di ako makapasok sa site, under maintenance.  On my 3 succeeding attempts, activation page was disabled.  Kaya di natuloy i-activate ang account ko.  Coincidence?  Well I prayed for it  so what do I need more sign for?

In the course of my failed attempts inaaral ko ang business.  I researched the Internet for reviews on Pluggle.  Na-realize ko ang pagkakahawig ng business plan to a Pyramid.  Kaya tinanggal ko ang post.   

But if you feel that this is for you and you want to continue to Pluggle, then go ahead.  Gaya ng bawat negosyo, aralin mo lang ng maigi para di ka magsisi sa bandang huli.

On the other hand, I also reviewed PPM and 3 other online marketing businesses and while it may not be the best among online networkers, it is easy to implement and it is easy to teach — two important ingredients in this business: you just need to learn, to teach and to duplicate.  If you are eager to learn and would like to share what you learned, then you can easily implement your PPM business,  matutulungan pa kita.  If you are interested you can start your online business by registering here.

This is my first step to financial freedom and I am taking it.  If you are interested to know how, just message me or post your comments.

Thank you for reading on.  God bless!

t3 sign

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