Financial Freedom — to use the world’s riches for God’s purpose

Insight to my Soul1Hello again and welcome to my second post on “Usapang Business”.  If you missed out the first, you can view it here

I assume you are intrigued enough to join me on my journey to financial freedom.

Why is financial freedom important?  For some, it is their way of enjoying life.  Ikaw, para sa ‘yo ano ang maituturing mong Financial Freedom?  For me, it is a way to better serve the Lord.  Technically, the lack of financial resources is not a hindrance in serving the Lord if you put your heart to it.  But again, while the Lord does not need our money, our work for Him does.

Financial Freedom is actually more time to spare in your hands.  All of us are given the same exact time of 24 hours.  For most of us, the bulk of this gift is spent on working to earn, for others it is for leisure and perhaps quality time with loved ones.  Personally, aside from quality family time; I want to spend my freedom to teach young kids about matters of faith; I want to go to mission; I want to take pilgrimages to further deepen my faith.  But before we reach this for whatever reason your may have, we have to take the first step to our financial freedom.


Dahil nga nagsisimula and we don’t have the resources and we can’t afford to work full time, we have to look for a business where these will be possible:

  • can be done part-time or full time
  • can be done anywhere, anytime
  • small startup capital
  • something that will earn while I rest/sleep or doing God’s work or whatever I enjoy doing
  • easy to manage, easy to teach

Ano ang tinutukoy ko?  MLM or Multi-Level Marketing — not the traditional one or offline, but the online model.  This is not an Internet job but our own Internet BUSINESS.  Other terms used for this are Affiliate Marketing or Online Network Marketing.  Ito lang ang qualifications:

  • nag-i Internet ka ba?
  • madalas ka mag-Facebook or palagi kang laman ng Social Media?
  • Willing ka matuto at mag-share ng iyong natutunan sa iba?

and the most important …

  • may desire kang kumita at merong passion for work/business.

If you are these, then you are qualified.  Imbes na ginagamit mo ang mga Social media to post your rants, mga sama ng loob mo, o yong mga parinig mo sa kaaway mo, bakit hindi mo gamitin sa mga positibong bagay — kikita ka pa.  Ang isa pang maganda rito, puedi mo pa ring gawin ang mga dati mong ginagawa.  So, interested ka? then read on …

Ang iniisip kong startup business ay PPM o PlanProMatrix.  Marahil narinig mo na ‘to?  Alam kong meron na ditong mga member nito, some have earned, others still developing the business.  Gaya ng sinabi ko in my previous post, kailangan lang naniniwala ka sa mga “business partners” mo — ‘yong alam mong hindi ka iiwanan o pababayaan. 

Kung alam mo na ang tungkol sa online business na ito and if you trust me enough and you are willing to develop the business with me then click here  or you can ask the person who shared this to you for the reference link or baka nandito na sya sa list ko.   Kung di ka pa ready, ‘lika samahan kitang aralin ito.

So why PPM?

Actually, it was the hype that is Pluggle that revived my interest for Network Marketing.  So why PPM and not Pluggle?  I have a separate review on Pluggle here.

Sa mga ni-review kong mga Internet business platforms ang PPM ang me pinaka-mababa na startup capital na madaling i-implement.  Of course, there are as low as P100, but again in my better judgment, I am choosing PlanProMatrix as jumping board for my Internet business. 

For P600 puedi ka nang mag-start or if you have more leeway in your finances, you can opt to start with the premium package of P1,800  (para ma-avail mo ang Table of Exit opportunity).  If you want to learn more about the business, I have gathered some video links to help you — links that guided me why I want to start the business.  Our upline also shared this introductory post to the business or you can check out this video or this for the earning potential of the business.   If you can’t find the videos, PM so I can send you the downloaded file.

Anong makukuha mo in return for your P600? 

PPM benefits

Ang free SMS to all network ay maari mong gawin sa iyong PPM dashboard.  Isang paraan para patuloy kang connected sa iyong mga business partners.

Sa pag-a-advertise sa FB wall mo, malaki ang potential mo to build your network.

  1. Sa networking alone, you can have 5 ways to earn.   
  2. You can also earn through e-loading business, not only as a retailer but a DEALER (lahat na puedi loadan pati ang Cignal at Kuryentipid o yong prepaid na kuryente). 
  3. Puedi ka ring kumita sa Data encoding ng Captcha codes.

If you missed the videos above on the ways to earn, you can view it here, here and here.  I-discuss ko sa mga later posts ko in details kung paano gawin ang mga ito para hindi kayo ma-info overload.  You can also check the other posts under the “USAPANG BUSINESS“.

For now, para sa mga business partners ko I also created this Facebook group for postings of tips, guide instructions kung paano natin sama-samang mapalago ang bawat isa.  Kung nakapag-register ka na at na-activate mo na ang account mo, just click the group link ng  CIL eBiz and request to be added or I can also add you, i-accept mo na lang ang invite.  Don’t forget to follow/prioritize the group in your news feed.  Feel free also to post your own achievements, comments or questions and concerns regarding the business.  Ipadala mo rin ang iyong Reference Link sa akin para madagdag ko sa reference list para madaling makita ng mga friends mo ang iyong pangalan lalo kung i-share mo ang post na ito sa wall mo.

Kung di ka pa nag-register, click mo na ito o kaya mamili ka sa kakilala mong nag-refer sa yo nito para di masayang ang pagkakataon.  Para naman sa activation ng iyong account, puedi mong i-send ang activation fee as described in this video or pueding sa upline na lang tayo magbayad kung me available codes siya para mas madali at personal gaya ng ginawa ko.  I-message mo na lang ako.

One thing that is good in this business, you are NOT limited to just one.  After this, kung meron ka nang na-save o meron ka ng capital for other investments with higher ROI, puedi ka uli mag-register to other networks.  And you can use the same pool of membership para sa new venture mo.  Ang importante, meron kang kasamang nag-aaral at nagdi-develop ng business.

Kung di ka pa member, click this or ask the person who shared this to you for the reference link.  Check out mo din ang Referral’s list, baka listed na sya.

If you’re still in doubt and you have questions, you may like to check out my Q&A or this.

Together let’s manage the resources the Lord has provided for the evangelization of the Gospel. 

God bless!

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