are you a “View&Click” or a “Read&Comment” person?

In this fast-paced world of technology and the seemingly emerging importance of social media in our lives, we see many people who click without even reading just because it showed in their  news feed, or they like the person posting it.

Many a time, we see in an FB post a test as to who reads to the end with an instruction to share instead of just clicking [LIKE], because with so many to view and so little a time, it is really easier to just [LIKE] than to read what is being posted.

When I started my blog, I also had the same dilemma as maryjholden if I’m ready to put my thoughts to words for all netizens to read.  But as I have written in “Insight to my soul“,  writing here is my way of reaching out to my brethren in the Couples for Christ community and to the rest of the world, so I proceeded with making the blog 3 years ago — in fact, it was the clincher.

But it came out as a disappointment.  After posting my first two articles, I only got 3 views for the first and 1 view for the second.  Hence, the lull.

It’s only after a year that I picked it up again with my third post and then another lull.  But by this time, it no longer mattered if others outside of my group will read it.  What was important to me then what sharing them my thoughts — through the internet for those who have access to it, and printing the article and sharing it with them in our weekly household meetings, when they don’t.  After that, it was easy — I just post every time I felt inspired to write or I have something to convey on.

Another thing that comes easy for me is reading.  I love to read.  My favorite hang out is the Book Sale.  Every time I visit a mall and I have the resources, it is one of the first that I check out.  But now with other responsibilities, I’m more discriminating in the things I read and buy.

But for most, reading is a herculean task. If you don’t have a heart for it, it really is.  It takes passion and finding the right article to read — something that will whet your appetite to continue on to the next page — to the end of the chapter.

Clicking without reading” is like signing a blank check; it’s like signing a contract without knowing what you are signing for.  If you are in this category and you heed this warning and you want to start the habit of reading; or you are already starting to read; here are some benefits that may encourage you to continue taking on the challenge.  One is “traveling the world without leaving your home“.

Even with movie adaptation of a novel with all the special effects that technology now made possible, personally I still pine for the written words.  There’s is no alternate to the minute description that can totally absorb you.  That, unfortunately can never be adapted to the screen.  For our brethren in the community, it is even encouraged to have our daily dose of scriptural and spiritual readings — they are our source for guidance and strength.

For more benefits of reading I found this blog by Ms. Fabrega’s, 13 ways reading will improve your life.  It may encourage you to continue reading.

Now, if you’re already affected by the reading bug, and you missed my previous posts and reflections, you may want to check them here.  I have updated them since my last posting.  Start with Insight to my soul, so you will have a perspective to the author’s heart and mind (that’s me :D), then just delve on to a topic you like.  You can also check out the beauty of creation as I see them Behind my lens or just be inspired with Words that move.

And finally, the internet is a very expansive library where you can continue on searching for your favorite subjects.  Just be warned that not all you read in the internet is factual and true.  You just have to be discerning in what you read — and what you believe as facts.

I have one request though.  If you read my thoughts, please leave me yours — comment on.  They will not just boost my ego, but will be of help to me in improving my craft.  They will be greatly appreciated.  God bless!

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