from Behind my Lens

Looking back at my old photo albums from our quasi-days at Casiciaco, (our “day-off” from the regular seminary activities)  I was only contented to have my face plastered on the walls by our brother-photographer Joey. It was a time of films and negatives, where every click mattered.  It has to be a perfect shot always or the expensive film will just be wasted.  So, ordering prints for our personal copies was enough for us.

During my badmiton days, another person showed me his passion in capturing people’s emotions – the joy of victory, the disappointment of a loss or even that expression of making the perfect smash.

When I started clicking on my own, Digi-cams were available for the newbie photographer like me. At least “trial and error” can be tolerated since “wrong shots” can just be easily deleted.

I was already contented with my old Kodak C653 EasyShare until my daughter’s DSLR arrived – not because of whim, but by necessity as it is a required equipment for all Broad Journ students.

After trying the Canon EOS 100D, the “old” Kodak seemed lacking, consequently shelving it for a time – but not for long.  It was shipped to the north of Luzon where it can be put to good use by my wife’s nieces to capture their elementary school events.

My first attempts (on my own) with the DSLR, most of my shots were blurred as I did not actually had enough time to study the various features and didn’t notice the AF/MF switch at the front.  Even now, it’s still learning stage and experimentation for me.

I don’t have a specific subject matter yet — whether I would capture God’s beautiful creation in nature and scapes; or portraits, perhaps people’s emotions like my friend Jeeves from my Smash Philippines badminton days.  I’m sure it will be refined with time. For now, I’m just happy to be behind the lens.

So again, here’s the first installment of my views from behind the lens. Check it out and tell me your thoughts. I know whatever that is, it will just help me to become better each time. God bless!

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