Who is Manubo?

Insight to my Soul1Manubo is my contemporary philosopher.  Perhaps not in the class of the world but definitely in mine, he is a true-blooded philosopher.

Having studied Classical Philosophy vis-a-viz Modern Philosophies during my cloistered life, it has opened my horizon to the differing life philosophies.  It’s definitely not my cup of coffee (yes, I’m a coffee guy) but something I had to tackle on as preparation to better understand the depths of Theology.  Some has challenged us to question our existence like Descartes‘ “Cogito ergo sum” (I think therefore I am [exist]) to the modern pragmatism.  Others made us realize that “the more we study, the more we learned of our ignorance“.  Still others taught me to value the power of words in my life.

Well these are men who are long gone but their words — their thoughts remain even today.  But as for the living, I have two (for now at least) whose philosophies touched me and moved my spirit to greater heights: my brother and friend – fr Soy, MB (Missionaries of the Beatitudes) and of course, another brother in spirit – Manubo.


Manny Bonit

Bro Manny Bonit — CFC, a servant of the Lord.


As their words touched me, I’m sharing their philosophies here in “Words that Move“, hoping that they will touch yours too.

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