Facing my Goliath

You come against me with sword and spear and scimitar, but I come against you in the name of the Lord of hosts… All this multitude, shall learn that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves. (1 Sam 17:45, 47)

Maraming beses na nating narinig na “man’s ways are different from God’s”.  Bago humarap kay Goliath pinasuot ni Haring Saul ang kanyang kalasag, helmet at espada kay David (1 Sam 17:38), ngunit ang mga ito’y naging hadlang lamang sa kanyang pagkilos.  Sa huli, ang talentong kaloob sa kanya ng Diyos at ang kanyang pananampalataya ang kanyang naging lakas.
Kahit ang ating Panginoong Hesus ay meron ding “Goliath”.   Sa kanilang paglilibot, ilang beses siyang tinanong ng kanyang mga taga-sunod kung pupunta na sila sa Herusalem, ngunit ilang beses din nilang ipinagpaliban.   Jerusalem was Jesus’ Goliath.  Alam ni Hesus ang hirap na daranasin Niya sa Herusalem.  Kahit si Hesus ay humiling sa Ama na alisin ang Kanyang hinaharap na paghihirap:
My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet, not as I will, but as you will.”
Kadalasan mas gusto nating iwasan ang ating mga “Goliath” kesa harapin eto. Ang ating “Goliath” ay ang isa sa mga humahadlang sa ating pagkilala at pagsilbi sa Panginoon.
Tingnan natin ang ating mga sarili at tanungin, “sino (o ano) ba ang aking ‘Goliath’”?  Knowing the problem is just the first step towards a solution.
Ang “Goliath” mo ba ay ang bisyong hanggang ngayon ay hindi mo maiwanan? Paglalasing o sobrang pag-inom, pagsusugal, pagsigarilyo o kahit ang mga bawal na relasyon? Ito ba ang iyong asawa, kamag-anak, kaibigan – mga nagiging “hadlang” upang magampanan mo ang paglilingkod mo sa Ama?
Ito ba ay ang iyong mga pagkakautang? Being in debt is a sin – it is sinful to remain in debt.

”Owe nothing to anyone, except to love another” (Rom 13:8).

By dying on the cross, Jesus has already paid for our debts; hence, there is no reason that we remain indebted to anybody.
In money matters, the first step to clear our debt is to pay everyone whom we have cheated in the past – as in the case of Zacchaeus.
Kung ikaw ang nagpautang sa iyong kapatid – kalimutan mo upang ito’y hindi magdulot ng kaguluhan sa iyong isip, ngunit kung ikaw ang nagkautang, alalahanin mo hanggang sa ito’y iyong mabayaran ng buo. Sa mga pagkakataong may mga pagkakautang tayong hindi na natin kayang mabayaran gustuhin man natin gaya ng pagkamatay na ng ating pinagkautangan, o kung sa anupamang kadahilanan; bayaran natin sa pamamagitan ng kawang-gawa. God sees our willingness (2 Cor 8:11-12) to make restitution when we are able by donating to charity. But we must never have money with us that do not rightfully belong to us – mga kita o pera na galing sa masama. Greed or covetousness must never be a driving force in any of our endeavors. (Eph 5:5)
Let’s do our best to avoid getting into debt in the future; just like we avoid sinning.  Let’s not buy anything that is beyond our means, ever; nor buy anything just to show off to others; never buy anything even if we can afford it if we don’t need it – that is an unnecessary luxury.
Borrow only during an emergency – don’t take a huge amount that you will be pressured for many years.  On the other hand, it is also our responsibility to help our brethren in great need, with little additional cost or even at no cost at all, especially if we have the resources.  The Spirit will lead us to discern such things.
Credit card debt should be avoided totally.  While credit cards may seem convenient, use it sparingly, knowing that you can always cover for the amount due.  Overdue amount will be the start of your fall in a seemingly inescapable abyss.  Let’s learn from the ways of the ants – working hard for the summer to save for winter.
Binabayaran ba natin ng tama ang mga taong nagtatrabaho sa atin? (James 5:4).  Binabayaran ba natin ng tama ang ating mga buwis? (Rom 13: 7)  O ang ating mga association dues?  Higit sa lahat, ibinibigay ba natin ang ating “tithes” (Mal 3:8) o kung anumang halaga (2Cor 9:7-8) na itinalaga natin para sa Pangioon?
Kung ang ating sariling lakas lamang ang ating asahan, hindi natin kayang gapiin ang ating “Goliath”.  We need the strength from the anointing of the Spirit, as David had relied on his faith in the Lord.  Most of these we failed to overcome because we failed to grasp our real value in the eyes of God.
Above all these – our pains, our hardships and trials; our failures and success, our strengths and weaknesses; as a famous song from the Christian group Hillsong runs, “even as Jesus took the fall, He thought of us” -– that is our real worth.
— my reflection is based on the Lenten Recollection with Bro. Raffy Blasco (our Provincial Area Head) as speaker, IIRR 3/24/2013.
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