An old verse … a new application.

Before I’ve embarked on my online business, i.e. PlanProMatrix, I viewed a lot of webinars on online marketing.  Many of these webinars tackled the power of FB ads and postings.  One thing though that I noticed, they always recommend postings outside of your timeline and closed groups where only your friends can view your posts.

At first, I can’t figure it out until the psychology behind this Bible verse was discussed.  This was written a long time ago, and yet it still stands true.

Bible verse (Lk 4.24)

In my naivete, I want to prove them wrong by making a simple experiment.

I made my first post advertising the business in my own closed group and give it a week before posting it to my timeline.  It was with the hope that these are the people I want to help by introducing to them first the business opportunity.  But ‘lo, I only got a couple of likes with no inquiries.

The week passed and I posted the blog on my timeline and in a day I’ve already got 15 inquiries and 3 registrations.

I was proved wrong in my assumptions and disappointed but glad that indeed the system discussed in the webinar works.

Another point that was discussed was making another account for the business.  In my old account, I have almost a thousand friends — most are known to me, a lot from the CFC community and its family ministries, while others are known to my friends.  In my first account, I choose those whom to accept.  In my second account however, I accept all friend requests that come out.

Again, another surprise — my first invites were people not known to me personally and they are from Central Luzon to as far down as Zamboanga and most from my second FB account.

In short, when you start advertising your online business, don’t focus on your friends and relatives only.  Even considering that these are people who will not have second thoughts trusting you with their hard-earned money, but it’s quite different when you are talking about online business opportunities — they may think twice before joining you.

Perhaps, they know you too well and they know your current status that is stopping them from investing with you or they have not yet fully imbibed the importance of “passive income” opportunities; or it maybe that being your friends IRL (in real life), they don’t actively follow you on FB or they tend to overlook your posts and haven’t seen your posts yet.  At least in my case, it is true.  As of this writing, a friend (IRL) has already registered.

When your friends see your passive income coming in, they will come and join you in your business  — most have already proven it as fact.

Another point that was encouraged within the first few weeks upon opening your online business is developing your TLS (Traffic, Leads, and Share).

TRAFFIC — you have to create traffic to your blog or posts.  That was the same problem I had encountered during the first week of my postings — lack of traffic.  Even in offline businesses traffic is very important.

LEADS — follow-up on your leads.  I see to it that my first activity of the day is responding to inquiries and every time I am online and thru text/call when I’m offline.  Follow-up on those who liked or reacted positively to your posts.  A simple message like:  “Kumusta na?  Thank you for liking my posts.  Interested ka?”  If they are, then follow it up.  If not, then move on to the next.

SHARE — always share positively, even the simple things that happen to your business.  It is by sharing that others will know of your business.  Like any offline businesses, you have to make your presence known and at every opportunity, share your business.

Kung wala ka pang ma-i-share na proofs, share those of others who have already proven that this business earns.  There are lots of testimonies here and we are allowed to copy even those who are not of our team, because this business is about sharing of information, tips and even posts.

And finally, it is important that you select your partners well — ‘yong tipong di ka i-abandon; those who always respond to your inquiries, kahit sa kakulitan mo and always share tips with you.

Here are some tips I have gathered for you.  Some can be done easily, others takes a little time.  Just take your time.  This is your business and if you can’t give it your full time yet, at the very least sharing about it in your timeline, you can easily do.


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Again registering and activating is the first step to your online business.  It’s like having your own trade name.  If you haven’t registered yet, mag-register ka na.  You can also check for your friend’s name from my team’s list.  Registering from any of these names, you will be guaranteed of my continued support.

Good luck as you start building your dream of achieving financial freedom.

May you be blessed!



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PlanProMatrix … what it isn’t.

Insight to my Soul1We are so used to the negatives.  Every day, from morning to late night we are bombarded with negative news.  Journalists I suppose work by this code:Its not News


Even at the start, the Holy Bible in Gen 3:3 (NABRE) tells it in the negative:

it is only about the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden that God said, ‘You shall not eat it or even touch it, or else you will die.’

I don’t know what Psychology has to say but it seems, when we see “DON’T”, the more we go and see.  Hence, this article will deal with the negatives of PlanProMatrix.

PlanProMatrix is NOT a SCAM.

PPM is supported with all the necessary permits to operate under the Philippine laws.

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It had even garnered various awards and recognition for its best business practices.  Even our very own upline Sheila Cagas-Jamin has been awarded as one of the top earners.

Patunay lang na sa dami ng mga online businesses sa Pilipinas ang PPM ang pinagkatiwalaan.

PlanProMatrix is NOT a ‘GET-RICH-QUICK’ scheme.

Baka akala mo, once you activate your account, you will reap your millions in so short a time.  Even good networkers and top-earners work their business for 6 months to a year before they start realizing their dreams.

While the income stream is a proven fact in PPM, the first few months will be a phase of development.  Like any offline business you have to work for your business.  You don’t lay down your capital and just leave it to chance that your investment will earn.

But unlike offline businesses where the capital is high and the possible ROI or Return of Investment is pegged at 3-4 years, in PPM the startup capital is small hence ROI is guaranteed within a month’s time.  However, business profits will be realized in 3 months to one year.

PlanProMatrix is NOT for the PESSIMIST.

Kung masyado ka ‘nega’, ang PPM ay hindi para sa ‘yo.  I don’t think that a person of the right mind will invest in something that he does not believe in.  You have to trust the soundness of the business.  It is precisely the reason, that you have to validate that the business is legal and promising.

PPM simple steps to develop

Even if you don’t know how to develop the business if you have the right business sense, and you have the desire to learn there are a lot of PPMers who can and will help you develop the business.  If you know how to CPS (Copy, Paste, Share) then you can develop the business.  Just like this sample post.

You can also refer your invites to your upline for better business presentation or just send your invites links of the various posts and “how-to” videos that are made available for you to use.

PlanProMatrix is NOT for the GREEDY.

Sa offline trade any business of the same category is considered a competition.   Kaya sa mga food businesses hindi na bago sa atin ang makarinig ng “secret ingredient”.  You need to have an “Ace” under your sleeve to have the upper hand.

Pero sa PPM, we share ideas, give out tips to develop the business even to those who are outside our team.  This is the beauty of Multi-Level Marketing — you earn by helping others earn.  One reason why I name my FB group, CIL ebiz for “Charity is Love” — a term I adapted from the 2015 theme of CFC-Cavite where Charity is not a dole-out, the giving away of excess but LOVE — giving a part of one self to another.  It is a business that is built on love, a business that is founded on trust.

Kaya importante na piliin mo ang mga taong pinagkakatiwalaan mo as your business partners.  In my group I have prepared a referral’s list where you can select the person you are most comfortable working with.  Of course, being part of one team, the support is guaranteed to all our partners.

PlanProMatrix is NOT for the IMPATIENT.

As stated above, PPM is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme.  If you are not getting invites during your first weeks or months, don’t despair.  Perhaps, some fine-tuning is needed to grow your networking business.  Like a diamond that is formed out of coal by “pressure and patience”, so our business will shine with patience and the proper PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens).

Combining hard work, targeted advertising, unceasing prayer, surely we are on our way to Financial Freedom.

Hopefully, with these negatives, our invites will all be converted to positives.  For those who still doubt or questions, you may look at the Questions & Answers.  I will try to update them from time to time as I receive other questions not previously covered.

God bless our business venture! 

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Depression — the battle within.

Insight to my Soul1In one requiem mass I’ve attended last August 29 — it was actually a Mass for our “nanay Linda”, our first Household leader in CFC, which I posted in FB.

FB post - sis Linda Jereza,jpg






During the homily, the celebrant (I forgot his name) mentioned his duties as guidance counselor for their high school department.  According to him, he has encountered a lot of cases of depression among the students.

According to him, this word (Depression) was almost non-existent in the seventies through the nineties, but is now a very common term even among the youth.

This is probably due to the subconscious influence of the Internet and social media among the youth.  Most of their waking times are spent in their gadgets and almost no time is spent in building personal relationship, with nobody to hear their problems — the loneliness they felt.  They even look up to [Like]s on their posts to boost their morale, as if it is an affirmation of their “greatness”.  They had a very weak personal connection that when faced with oppression and problems, they had a hard time coping up.

In closing, he reminded us in the congregation to really make time to connect with our children, with the youth even if it’s a simple chat during meal times.  This will make them feel connected and it is also this kind of relationship that will be their fall-back position when they are faced with seemingly “insurmountable” problems.


(noun. de·pres·sion \ di-ˈpre-shən , dē- \)

The definition (2b) of Merriam-Webster states:

(1) : a state of feeling sad; dejection anger, anxiety, and depression
(2) : a mood disorder marked especially by sadness, inactivity, difficulty in thinking and concentration, a significant increase or decrease in appetite and time spent sleeping, feelings of dejection and hopelessness, and sometimes suicidal tendencies * bouts of depression *  suffering from clinical depression.


This topic is now trending in both mainstream and social media.  It started out as a joke — the usual “making light of serious matters” during Eat Bulaga’s “Juan for All, All for Juan”.  The light banter of it’s hosts Joey De Leon and Jose Manalo, had drawn flak from netizens especially on the former.

Here lies the problem with comedians — their tactlessness, belittling even matters that others treat as very serious; and DEPRESSION is indeed a very serious matter especially for those who have experienced them and even their families who have to bear the weight of this problem.

It’s a good thing, the younger hosts (Maine & Alden, especially Maine), took the matter seriously, perhaps because they have had personal experiences with depression.

Maine Mendoza stands up to Joey de Leon for belittling depression

The strong stand of Maine together with Joey’s family who also called his attention regarding the callous remarks he made, pointing out that they also have friends and close relatives who are battling depression, he made a public apology in national TV (GMA News 10/6/17).

In an article by Norm Cohen on Depression, he stated:

Depression is often lurking in the shadows. When you are depressed, most often you think that you are worthless. The worse the depression, the more you feel this way. 

Here lies the main problem, it is in the shadows — it’s not in the open.  This is an internal battle happening in the man, with people around him not even knowing that it is happening.  Most times, when we are not observant or do not “listen” well to the signs, when it goes out, it’s already too late.  It is also this circumstance why those who suffer depression avoid talking about it or seeking the help of others.  Worse, the person is very critical of itself — in fact, he is his worst critic.

In the same article, he outlined the results of Dr. Aaron Beck‘s survey on the feelings of depressed people – he called it the “Four Ds:

  • Defeated,
  • Defective,
  • Deserted, and
  • Deprived.

I am not a psychiatrist, and I don’t claim to know how to handle depression.  In fact, I had had an experience with a brother in the community who suffered depression.  It was my first and I was at a loss.  It was too late a realization.  Until now, during the nights that I reflect on it, I still asked:  “Had I known, I may have spent more time with him, making him feel that he’s not alone, not worthless.”

Indeed, depression is not a laughing matter — it is a very serious one.    I have no intelligent advice but like Maine, I say we have to support those who are experiencing depression.  We have to tread lightly when we are with them and be very careful with what we say as depressed people are a sensitive lot.  As Christians and brethren, we can only help them build back their faith in God and in people; to pray and hope for God’s divine intervention; and most important is to make them feel loved.

In the end, we just have to turn to God as our fountain of hope in the midst of depression.

May you be a ray of hope for our depressed brethren.  God bless!



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The help that never came…

Insight to my Soul1“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    nor are your ways my ways” (Is 55:8 NABRE)

In one homily I heard, kinuwento ng pari ang isang insidente nung bagyong “Ondoy” (Ketsana).  I know it was just a story to emphasize his message. 

So the story goes…

sa kalakasan ng ulan dala ni “Ondoy”, nagsimula ng bumaha.  Merong isang aleng nanalangin: ‘Lord, naniwala akong di mo ako pababayaan‘.

Maya-maya pa’y may dumating na patrol ng Barangay.  ‘Nay, halika na tumataas na ang tubig.‘  Sumagot ang ale: ‘okay lang ako, di ako pababayaan ni Lord.

Hanggang bewang na ang tubig ng dumating ang mga Army lulan ng 6×6 truck.  ‘Nay, sakay na, ga-bewang na ang tubig.‘ ‘Sige lang, di ako pababayaan ni Lord,‘ sagot uli ng ale.

Tumaas na ang tubig, napilitang umakyat ang ale sa bubong.  Maya-maya’y dumating ang Air Force na naka-chopper.  ‘Nay, halika na. Kumapit ka sa akin para mailikas ka na sa evacuation center’.  Hindi pa rin, sumama ang matanda at sabi nya: ‘mahal ako ni Lord, sagot N’ya ako.

Tumaas ang tubig hanggang sa nalunod ang ale.

Sa kanyang pagharap sa Panginoon, tinanong nya eto.  ‘Lord sabi mo ‘pag nanampalataya sa ‘Yo, di  mo pabayaan.  Tapat naman ako sa ‘Yo a, ba’t hinayaan mo akong malunod.‘  Sumagot ang Panginoon: ‘narinig ko ang iyong panalangin, at tatlong beses kitang sinagip ngunit di ka tumugon.‘  ‘Kelan Lord?‘, ang tanung ng ale.

Pinadalhan kita ng patrol ng barangay di ka sumakay.  Kaya, pinadala ko uli ang truck ng Army pero hindi ka pa rin sumama.  Panghuli pinasundo kita ng helicopter pero inayawan mo pa din.  Gusto mo pa ata, anghel ang ipadala ko sa ‘yo.

… end of story.

There are instances that we miss the opportunities because we we’re looking for something different.  We asked the Lord for blessings yet we expect them to arrive packaged as we imagine them to be.

As a chapter pastoral head of a religious community, I come around a lot of prayer requests for financial blessings, for service vehicle, for housing amortization, for tuition fees, and other obligations.  Even, we ourselves face the same problems.  Sa’n ako kukuha ng pambayad sa bahay; ng pang-tuition sa school? 


Alam mo, mapamaraan tayo.  We like building relationships.  Kung dati ang takbuhan ‘pag nagigipit ay si uncle “Tam“, ngayon kadalasan ang mabilis na tugon ay galing kay kuya. —————–»

“Taga-London yan” (literally means, coming from or living in London), but in truth it is a slang or a “joke term” or contraction of “LOAN DITO, LOAN DO’N“.  That’s probably the reason why our foreign financiers whom we call “Bombay” proliferates. 

Again, we have already offered our prayers.  Now, what have we done?  Sabi nga ng isang kasabihan:

“nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.”

It may be that the Lord has already sent the help to us, not only once but more.  But like the old lady in the story, we failed to appreciate them because they came not as we have expected them to be.

But the Lord sends people to help us on our way.  He creates circumstances where we can receive His blessings.

I had discerned and I feel in my heart that this is what the Lord is providing me to fulfill my dreams of serving Him without the hindrance of resources scarcity.  I strongly feel that this is His way of blessing me.

If you feel strongly as I do, then join me as I embark on my journey.  You can start right here, or you can also check for the person who referred you to this business in this list.

On the other hand, if you need more time to review the business opportunity and plan I have gathered them here.

Thank you once again for considering us to be your business partners.

God bless and may the Lord continue to make us channels of His blessings!

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I’m 50 — and I’m glad!

Insight to my Soul1 Marami ang  nagulat.  Many would tell me “50  ka  na? Akala ko ….”  Maybe  I  don’t  look my age.   ‘Buti na lang walang nagkamaling magsabi na “50  ka pa lang pala,  akala ko  ….”

Two words, isang letra lang ang diperensya pero napalaki ng pagkakaiba.  Siguro,  nahiya lang magsabi o me halong pambobola lang.   But what does that tell me?  Siguro nga nakakabata kung patuloy  kang connected at naglilingkod  kay  Lord.   Kahit pagod ka na, kahit puyat ka pa if it is for the service of our Lord,  you will  find your “second wind.”

50 years —  that’s  half a century.  Not too old nor too young, and I’m glad I’m serving the Lord.  I remember St. Augustine’s lament in his Confessions:

 Too late have I known Thee, too late have I loved Thee!

In a mass in Lipa where we were invited to sing by a sister for their celebration of the feast day of St. Augustine,  the celebrant asked the congregation for the Tagalog translation of the words of St. Augustine.  Someone volunteered: “huli na ng makilala Kita, huli na ng mahalin Kita“.  “Literally correct”, he said.  But continuing on he said the real essence of St. Augustine’s lamentations is:

Matanda na ako ng makilala Kita, ugod-ugod na ako ng mahalin Kita!

For most of us, procrastination is our way when we are called for the Lord’s  service.  “Saka na Lord,  pag retired na ako.”  “Kapag nakatapos na lang mga anak ko Lord.” 

How can we truly serve Him if our knees start to ache?  How can we proclaim His good news if our mouth quivers, if our hands shakes?  Why can’t we answer His call while we are still strong and able?

On the other hand,  I’ve seen brothers who continue to serve God even in their sickness.  Our brother Manny is one.  I made a post honoring this brother of ours Who is Manubo?   I also remembered our brothers Joefre(+) and Jun(+) (the “classmates”, they chided themselves) — they were a source of strength for me when I feel lazy in my work for the Lord. 

Their presence in the prayer assemblies even after they just had their dialysis treatment brought me joy and sadness — even shame.  Sila na me sakit, kayang pumunta at makiisa sa mga kapatid sa panalangin, samantalang marami ang ayaw ng pumunta kasi walang pamasahe, kasi umuulan.


So I’m 50.  Marami na ring pagbabago.  Dati-rati’y kaya kung mag-straight ng 48 hours sa work — even 72 hours with only a power nap to sustain me.  I remembered when our company servers was hit by the “I LOVE YOU” virus (or worm).  I had to spend a week isolating and cleaning our network with very few hours of sleep, and yet I still had the energy to play a match of badminton.

But now, I am feeling it.  I can no longer go a day at almost full capacity without the needed rest.  While I stay late at night studying, learning my online business, updating my blog, or balancing our company’s financial statements, I have to get at least 4 hours of sleep to sustain me the following day.  I am starting to feel the joint aches, the muscle numbness telling me that I am not what I used to be.

All of these are telling me that I have little time with so many things to do.  According to WHO Life Expectancy matrix, Filipino males life expectancy is at 65.3 years which gives me another 15 years to “till the Lord’s vineyard”.

But again, the “Lord’s thoughts are not man’s thoughts” (Is 55:8 NABRE).  He may cut short the 15 years or He may extend them.  I’d like to think that like my brother Sam, I can have a “contract” with the Lord — to serve Him till I am 99, with another year for possible renewal.

Yes, I am 50 and I’m glad to be serving the Lord.  And when my time comes, I hope I will have the courage of Simeon to say:

Now, Master, you may let your servant go
    in peace, according to your word,
 for my eyes have seen your salvation,
    which you prepared in sight of all the peoples

May God bless us.

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PPM » Q&A (updated)

Insight to my Soul1When I started posting write-ups on my online business PlanProMatrix, there are a number of questions/inquiries that were thrown back to me.  Most of them have the same questions that I have listed here my answers for ease and practicality.



I have listed the top 5 according to the frequency of the questions.

» (1) Di ba yan SCAM? or question to this effect.

I definitely understand the question since it was also my first.  Kaya nga ni-research ko ang business na ito.

It’s a definite NO.  It is not a scam.  Eto ang unang patunay na legitimate business ito.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course, even scammers have legitimate permits to start their business of scamming.  Kaya importanteng tingnan kung ano ang in-offer na products and/or services.  Ang illegal pyramid ay yong tipong “recruiting only” ang nature ng business.  Kikita ka lang from your recruits and their recruits, and so on.

Isang illegal pyramid din na maituturing kung ang produktong/serbisyong tinitinda ay di kapaki-pakinabang o sobrang mahal na di na maibenta.  The products/services are just front for the networking compensation plan.

On the other hand, ang isang produkto ng PPM ay e-loading — halos eto na ang buhay ng karamihan sa mga Pinoy.  Another possible income source ay ang Data Encoding.

(Then later on ang eTicketing, at pati na rin Bills payment -- wino-work-out pa lang ito)

» (2) Kikita ba tayo dyan? Paano kikita sa business na yan? 

— Syempre naman.  There are 7 ways to earn dito sa PPM sa tatlong activities.

  • (1) Data Encoding — typing ng CAPTCHAs.
  • Eloading – (2) thru outright commissions on your purchase of load, and  (3) eRebates from the e-load sales of your downline.
  • Building your network through Advertising.  Simple lang.  Share mo lang mga ad posts ng upline mo or nung kapwa mo PPM member.  Wag kang mahiyang mangopya, allowed yan dito.– From your network advertising activity, puedi ka ring kumita sa pamamagitan ng (4) 2×1 follow me matrix cycle(5) profit-sharing, (6) indirect referral.– at ang pinaka maganda ang (7) “TABLE of EXIT”.  Ang turing ko dito ay parang trust fund.  Kapag ang Premium package ang kinuha mo, papasok ka na sa TABLE of Exit.  Kahit wala kang gagawin, mag-aantay ka na lang sa bonus mo tuwing mag-i-exit ka sa Table.  Panoorin mo na lang ang video na ‘to para mas maunawaan mo.– Syempre kailangan mo munang mag-register at mag-activate under an active member.  Kung gusto mo akong maging partner sa business na ‘to, click mo ito para makapagsimula ka na.  O kung gusto mo mamili ng referrals, click mo Reference links at hanapin mo nag-refer sa ‘yo ng business na ito.

» (3) Nag-PPM na anak ko, di naman siya kumita.

— Baka naka-starter plan lang s’ya wala s’yang ginawa o kaya may kulang sa kanyang ginawa?  Dahil ito ay ating sariling business, kailangan meron tayong gawin.  Kung masipag ang upline mo o yong nag-refer sa ‘yo, kopyahin mo lang ang kanyang ginagawa at i-share mo sa FB wall mo, o kaya share mo ang post ng upline mo o ng ibang mga PPM members.  Gaya nitong post ko, puedi mong i-share sa FB wall mo para mabasa ng mga friends mo.  Ganyan lang kadaling magsimula sa PPM.  Kung di mo pa kabisado ang business, patulong ka sa upline mo mag-explain sa mga potential partners mo.

Pero kung hirap s’ya talagang trabahuin ang kanyang online-business (busy sa school/work, etc.) puedi s’yang mag-upgrade (P1,200) sa PREMIUM PLAN.  That way, makapasok na s’ya sa Table of Exit at mag-antay na lang s’ya sa kanyang bonus tuwing mag-i-exit sya sa table.  Kung na-miss mo ang video sa taas, click mo rito.

Eto din ang isang rason kung bakit kailangan mong piliin ang mga business partners mo kung saan ka sasama.  Di kasi maiwasang me mga taong magaling lang sa simula pero pag nag-activate ka na, pababayaan ka na lang at di mo na mahagilap kung meron kang mga katanunganChoose those whom you think can help you develop the business.

Kung kasama kita sa business na ‘ito bibigyan kita ng mga natutunan kong tips during my Offline MLM days at ‘yong mga inaral ko these past few weeks na pueding makatulong sa ‘yo.  Post ko ang mga tips na yon sa FB group na ginawa ko.  Pag active na account mo, join ka sa  CIL eBIz group.  Ipadala mo rin ang reference link mo para madagdag ko dito  para kahit ito ang i-share mo sa wall mo, makikita ka pa rin ng mga friends mo.

» (4) Wala akong pera pang-register

— Eto din ang sitwasyon ko.  Wala akong extra para sa activation ng account ko.  Pero me kasabihan nga:

kapag gusto may paraan, kapag ayaw maraming dahilan.

Save lang ng paunti-unti.  In my situation, tinipid ko transpo allowance ko sa work; bawas o wala munang merienda.  Halos isang buwan ko ding inipon ang pang-activate ko ng account naming mag-asawa.  Habang nag-iipon ako, ni-research ko mga possible online businesses na maliit ang startup — at eto nga, PlanProMatrix ang pinili kong jumping board sa aking Internet business.

» Puedi ba ako dyan kahit di ako regular na nag-i-Internet? (o wala akong internet/busy ako, wala akong oras)

Internet business ito, kaya kailangan regular kang mag-Internet.  Kahit 1-2 hours a day lang ang ilaan mo para dito.  Syempre kung me tindahan ka at kahit me nagbabantay dito, kailangan mong bisitahin regularly para meron kang control.

Pero kung talagang wala kang oras o bihira kang mag-internet, puedi ka pa ring mag-offline business sa pamamagitan ng e-loading.  Puedi ring mag-upgrade ka sa PREMIUM PLAN, magdagdag ka lang ng P1,200 sa dati mong investment na P600.   Sa pamamagitan nito, makakapasok ka na sa Table of Exit kung saan kikita ka kahit very minimal ang iyong gawin.

Abangan mo ang update ko tungkol sa Table of Exit.

Kung nakakapag-online ka naman pero madalas rants at pang-aaway ang ginagawa mo, this time gamitin mo ang oras mo sa FB para ma-develop ang business mo. Post ka ng mga “PPM ads”.  Kahit mga simple status update lang tungkol sa PPM business mo.  Imbes na mag-post ka ng mga sama ng loob mo dun sa kapitbahay mo, positive vibes na lang i-post mo.  Gaya ng post na ito — naging dahilan para aralin ko ang PPM.

Status Post

Kapag nakakita ka ng ganitong post, puedi mo na syang kopyahin para sa status mo.  Kailangang palagi mong ipaalam sa mga FB friends mo na meron ka nang online business — ang PlanProMatrix.

Eto ang Bonus question:

» Bro di ka natatakot na gamitin ang post mo ng iba na di kasama sa network mo?

— Sa PPM puedi kang mangopya basta di copyrighted.  Kapag ipi-nost yan sa FB at merong share button, ibig sabihin puedi mo syang i-share.  At times, out of delikadeza, puedi ka rin namang magpaalam sa may-ari ng post lalo kung personal na reflection.

Personally, I don’t mind.  When I started blogging, I started sharing my thoughts to others, kakilala ko man personally or even those whom I only know online.  At dito sa PPM Online Business, my intention is to “help others earn and in so doing I will also earn“.  At kung ang post ko ang maging kasagutan ng kasama kong nanalangin kung paano palaguin ang kanyang negosyo, then I thank God for the talent of words na binigay N’ya sa akin na makakatulong i-uplift ang iba.

‘Yong ibang mga messages, I’ve answered personally.  But the questions above are the most common and I know some who have read this may also have the same questions in mind.  I’m glad kung nabigyan ko ng linaw ang iba ninyong kasagutan.  But if you do have further questions/inquiries, i-PM mo lang ako

God bless and may we continue to be channel of blessings to others!

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my link to financial freedom
Other articles on PPM
usapang pera muna tayo

Plug the Pluggle!

Financial Freedom – how to use the world’s riches for God’s purpose

the Abundance mindset

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The Abundant Mindset — the change that brings result of positives

Maraming beses na sinasabi nating “wala akong pera” Insight to my Soul1kahit meron naman.  Even if you  have just P0.25 in your pocket, that’s money.  Kung walang halaga para sa ‘yo ang bente-singko sentimos, sa mga umaasa sa Pondo-Pinoy, walang katumbas na ligaya ang hatid nito.

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Plug the Pluggle

To Pluggle or not to Pluggle?

Last August, there was some hype on Pluggle in social media, an internet networking business.

At first glance, ang ganda ng compensation package — they claimed you will be paid P100 daily by just logging-in for 12 days.  Pag-register mo pa lang, me P100 ka kaagad.   So I registered and I earned my first P100.  However, to qualify for the P100 on your daily log-in, kailangang i-activate ang account.  The activation fee is P1,000.  Kung tutuusin, madaling mabawi ang activation fee.  At the end of 12 days, kikita ka pa ng P300 — P100 upon registration, then P1,200 for 12 days.  And you will continue to earn every time your referrals activate their account.  Kung walang nag-activate sa mga referrals mo, at least kumita na ang 1K mo.  So I thought.

Pero merong catch — di pueding mag-cash out unless me 2 kang direct referrals na nag-activate.  In short, it’s just paper money — it’s your money but you can’t use it.

If you refer back to my post on MLM, parang illegal Pyramid ang Pluggle, kasi the only way to earn and cash-out your earnings is through referrals and recruitment.  I asked one of the “pluggers” kung ano ang ibinebentang product o service ng Pluggle, ang sagot nya —

sa PLuggle walang products yan kasi makukuha mo sa pag login mo...

I’m not saying that it is illegal, but in my judgment, I cannot refer something that will put my members at a losing end.  Besides, I prayed for discernment at kung tama ang direksyong tinatahak ko, di magkakaroon ng problema.

After registering with Pluggle, I posted an invitation on Facebook.  Upon learning that I have to activate to earn the P100 daily log-in bonus, I tried activating my account. 

The first attempt kong mag-activate, di ako makapasok sa site, under maintenance.  On my 3 succeeding attempts, activation page was disabled.  Kaya di natuloy i-activate ang account ko.  Coincidence?  Well I prayed for it  so what do I need more sign for?

In the course of my failed attempts inaaral ko ang business.  I researched the Internet for reviews on Pluggle.  Na-realize ko ang pagkakahawig ng business plan to a Pyramid.  Kaya tinanggal ko ang post.   

But if you feel that this is for you and you want to continue to Pluggle, then go ahead.  Gaya ng bawat negosyo, aralin mo lang ng maigi para di ka magsisi sa bandang huli.

On the other hand, I also reviewed PPM and 3 other online marketing businesses and while it may not be the best among online networkers, it is easy to implement and it is easy to teach — two important ingredients in this business: you just need to learn, to teach and to duplicate.  If you are eager to learn and would like to share what you learned, then you can easily implement your PPM business,  matutulungan pa kita.  If you are interested you can start your online business by registering here.

This is my first step to financial freedom and I am taking it.  If you are interested to know how, just message me or post your comments.

Thank you for reading on.  God bless!

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your link to financial freedom
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Financial Freedom — to use the world’s riches for God’s purpose

Insight to my Soul1Hello again and welcome to my second post on “Usapang Business”.  If you missed out the first, you can view it here

I assume you are intrigued enough to join me on my journey to financial freedom.

Why is financial freedom important?  For some, it is their way of enjoying life.  Ikaw, para sa ‘yo ano ang maituturing mong Financial Freedom?  For me, it is a way to better serve the Lord.  Technically, the lack of financial resources is not a hindrance in serving the Lord if you put your heart to it.  But again, while the Lord does not need our money, our work for Him does.

Financial Freedom is actually more time to spare in your hands.  All of us are given the same exact time of 24 hours.  For most of us, the bulk of this gift is spent on working to earn, for others it is for leisure and perhaps quality time with loved ones.  Personally, aside from quality family time; I want to spend my freedom to teach young kids about matters of faith; I want to go to mission; I want to take pilgrimages to further deepen my faith.  But before we reach this for whatever reason your may have, we have to take the first step to our financial freedom.


Dahil nga nagsisimula and we don’t have the resources and we can’t afford to work full time, we have to look for a business where these will be possible:

  • can be done part-time or full time
  • can be done anywhere, anytime
  • small startup capital
  • something that will earn while I rest/sleep or doing God’s work or whatever I enjoy doing
  • easy to manage, easy to teach

Ano ang tinutukoy ko?  MLM or Multi-Level Marketing — not the traditional one or offline, but the online model.  This is not an Internet job but our own Internet BUSINESS.  Other terms used for this are Affiliate Marketing or Online Network Marketing.  Ito lang ang qualifications:

  • nag-i Internet ka ba?
  • madalas ka mag-Facebook or palagi kang laman ng Social Media?
  • Willing ka matuto at mag-share ng iyong natutunan sa iba?

and the most important …

  • may desire kang kumita at merong passion for work/business.

If you are these, then you are qualified.  Imbes na ginagamit mo ang mga Social media to post your rants, mga sama ng loob mo, o yong mga parinig mo sa kaaway mo, bakit hindi mo gamitin sa mga positibong bagay — kikita ka pa.  Ang isa pang maganda rito, puedi mo pa ring gawin ang mga dati mong ginagawa.  So, interested ka? then read on …

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Usapang pera muna tayo

Moreover, God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need, you may have an abundance for every good work.
(see footnote on 2 Cor 9: 8 NABRE)

Sa community natin, madalas na tayo ay nakatanggap ng text na: “bro, pasama sa prayers si sis [so and so], dinala sya sa ospital, na-dengue o for other reason.

Yes, we were given the gift of prayer, so we pray.  Pero panalangin nga lang ba ang kailangan ng ating mga kapatid? Alam natin na sa bawat pagtakbo sa ospital, pera ang kailangan.  But how can we help if we only have enough, or worse not even enough for our needs.

Truly the Lord does not need our treasures, but His work does – our work for the poor in CFC does.  We’re supporting ANCOP CSP and CORNERSTONE.  Kailan lang, sama-sama tayong naglakad sa ANCOP Global Walk para sa ating mga scholars.  Ang Cornerstone tutorial program alone will run the whole Academic Year: 2017-2018, at buwan-buwan me slot tayo to sponsor the food for the session.  Hindi lamang ang Time at Talent natin ang kailangan, our Treasure is also needed.  Kaya as your pastoral head, napaisip ako “ano ba ang puedi kong magawa?”

I remember in one MC teaching we had with our former Provincial Area Head, bro Raffy Blasco, he said that in order for us to be free from the bondage of debt we have to SIT – Save, Invest and Tithe.

To save, we have to break away from the norm of “living within our means” to “living BELOW our means” so we can save and from such savings, we will have something to invest.

Basically there are two ways to earn – Active and Passive

Active Income is the income we gain by working for others or even for our own business.  The key word is personal effort or work.  Kung di ka gagawa, di ka magtrabaho, o kung ikaw ay magkasakit wala kang income.   Ganun din sa ating pagtanda, when our body fails wala na tayong income, because our income is dependent upon our efforts.

Sa isang banda, ang Passive Income ay nakukuha natin sa efforts ng iba, o yong tinatawag na investments – whether we invest in Trust or Mutual Funds, stock market or franchising our business.  Pero paano tayo makapagsimula kung wala tayong malaking pansimulang capital?  Kung interesado ka, then read on …


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